Roadside Assistance For a Year

Remember our helpful highway tips? Well this blog will really come in handy. If you have been a customer with us recently you will appreciate the fact that we are now offering our customers 24-hour roadside assistance.

Due to the fact that KH Automotive is a Certified Auto Repair facility any customer of ours that spends a minimum of $25 with us qualifies for a roadside assistance call up to $75 for one year from the date of purchase. This credit can be used towards all those unexpected problems, such as locking your keys in the car, changing a flat tire, jump starts, towing and even an emergency supply of fuel.

This National Limited Warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance program is offered anywhere in the United States and Canada, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, put those roadside fears to rest.


Highway Problems

Ever had that fear of breaking down on the side of the highway? If so, you are not alone. The best way to get over a fear is to be educated. According to the National Safety Council there are five specific steps to take if you ever find yourself in this situation.

1. At the first sign of a problem turn on your hazard lights and work your way to the side of the road or exit if possible.

2. Once to the side make sure your car is visible. Utilize reflective triangles, flares, hazard lights, or tie clothing or make shift flag to the antenna of your car. If it is dark, turn on interior lights to provide visualization from further away.

3. If you cannot do the work safely on your own seek professional help. Do not try to flag other vehicles down. Be as specific as possible when describing where you are located and the issues you are having with your car.

4. If your car is out of the way of traffic stay waiting inside for help to arrive. However, if your car is in the way of traffic get out and make your way to the side of the highway where emergency personnel can see you.

5. Never, ever, ever walk along the highway to look for help, especially during inclement weather. However, if you can reach a nearby destination on foot make sure you are not risking your safety. Keep as far away from traffic as possible.

With these easy steps to follow you will always know what to do. If you have any questions or need assistance give us a call. We are always here to help.

KH Automotive Update

In this industry there is always a give and take, some good and bad, up and down. This past month we have enjoyed the pleasure of working with our front man, Charlie for the last time as he is moving to Indianapolis to be closer to his family. Charlie has been such a great asset to the KH Automotive staff and family. We wish him nothing but the best in creating memories with his family.

If you see a new face wandering around the shop don’t worry. Say hello to Bruce our newest technician and front man. He comes to us with more than 25 years of experiences working on high-end European vehicles and will be adding to our knowledge of Mercedes, Porsche and Jaguars.

As always, thank you for your support these past 14 years. We enjoy working for great customers like you!

Mercedes Benz Spassnacht

On Monday July 16th we held our second annual Mercedes Benz Club Spassnacht which means “Fun Night” in German. The local Mercedes Benz Club has fun nights are every third Monday of the month at various locations throughout the metro. The club members met at our shop for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and of course to show off their cars. Most of the members drove their Mercedes to the event while we showcased a couple of cars in the shop, including the Chumpcar. It was great opportunity to meet new members, show them the facility and equipment we have for servicing Mercedes Benz’s as well as sharing interests with customers one-on-one. It’s always a great time and we look forward to hosting Spassnacht next year.

Great American Meltdown

I’ve been blessed in many ways, one of them being that my vocation can also be my vacation. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with cars and speed. I can remember watching the Indy 500 on TV and wanting to race cars. Fortunately, I’ve been able to fulfill my dream in many different ways by racing at a number of NASCAR tracks, including Darlington and Talladega, where drivers like Petty, Pearson, Allison and many others have battled. I’ve slid sideways through turns in an alcohol fed A-modified and had great Father/Son bonding time preparing and racing go-carts at local tracks.

To continue fulfilling that dream, I made the trip up to a small town in southeast Wisconsin called Elkhart Lake. Just outside of town sits a four mile road course, unchanging since it opened in 1955, with 14 turns and an elevation difference of more than 120 feet. Drivers like Andretti, Donahue, Hall, Hill, Penske, Newman and many others have raced here and I was about to follow in their tracks.

However, instead of racing in a very expensive car, I drove a 1990 Nissan 240SX.  It’s called chumpcar racing. The basic concept is to take a car with a street value of $500 and turn it into a racecar. It’s grassroots racing that’s low-buck and gives anybody with the desire to race the opportunity to do so. The races aren’t short either. The shortest is a seven hour race only to come back the next day and do it again for another seven hours. But, the longest could last up to 24 hours. The teams are made up of a minimum of four drivers and whoever you can talk into using as your crew. At races like these I’ve seen drivers take their helmets and suits right out of the box, put them on, get in the car and go out on track for the very first time. And you know they loved every minute of it.

This trip to Elkhart Lake was exciting but had its pits, pun intended. Out of 53 cars only 47 made the grid for this event called the “Great American Meltdown”. My team decided that I would be the first in my group to go out. There were all different makes and models, everything from Chevrolet Camaros, Ford Mustangs to Chevy Chevettes and Saturn SC2’s. The green flag drops and we’re door to door, wheel to wheel with each other. Your first reaction would be to go as fast as you can, but you have to keep it’s a marathon not a sprint. I’m about to reach the end of my stint in the car when I come out of turn 14, about to start up the hill on the front stretch, when I feel the car start to lose power. I had just passed the entrance to pit road, but rather than getting stuck on the track, I cut across the grass onto pit road and coasted to a stop. We push the car into the paddock so I could diagnose the problem. The fuel pump wasn’t working, so it’s off with the suit and into work clothes. After taking things apart I discovered that a wire for the pump had come out of its crimp connector. About an hour later we’re back on track, driving fast but down a number of laps. Later, during a fuel stop and driver change, I discover a front brake caliper starting to leak. It’s back to the paddock for 20 minutes to replace both front calipers, which cost us more laps. At the end of it all we finished 29th. We probably would’ve finished in the top ten had it not been for our mechanical issues but hey that’s racing.

 What I’ve learned is that even though we didn’t win, this time, the great thing about this racing venue is that teams pitch in and help each other out. They lend tools, parts and knowledge doing whatever they can to get people back on the track because it’s their passion. I’ve made some great friends during my years of racing and look forward to many more trips like this, but maybe bring home a trophy next time.

New Hire, New Website, Oh-My!

Let this date be marked down in history- KH Automotive is coming into the 21st century with the introduction of our brand new blog!! This is the place where you’ll be getting up-to-date facts, articles and information about the best Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Jaguar and Land Rover technicians in Kansas City! So here’s a few updates to kick off our brand new endeavor.

KH Automotive has come a long way since opening in 1999. We’re growing by leaps and bounds which means we need some new hands to help us get all of our work done. So we are pleased to welcome Scott to the KH Automotive family. Scott will be adding to our ever growing knowledge of high-end European vehicles with his 12 years of experience working on Mercedes, Porsche and Jaguar. We are excited to have him added to our already dedicated staff!

Here at KH Automotive we don’t just stop at a new hire. Oh no, we are are constantly making changes to help better serve our supportive clients, you! We are currently in the process of giving the KH Automotive website a major facelift and since you are all valued customers we would welcome your feedback. Leave comments below or on our Facebook page about what you would like to see added, changed or to show your support.